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Create and post your personalized memorial/tribute or
"letter to heaven".

Please enter the "Pets" or "People" section of this site to create a
posting for your special person or special pet that can be
shared with family and friends on-line.

In the memorial/tribute section, you can choose from many beautiful backgrounds, add a picture of your person or pet, select a poem, and sound. You can also e-mail your memorial/tribute to friends or family and your posting is placed on the site to share with other visitors.

In the letter section, there are also many backgrounds to choose from and your letter is posted for others to read.

The “Private” section allows you to write and send a private letter "to heaven with love". This letter is not posted anywhere, and cannot be retrieved by you, or by anyone else, once sent.

Please enter either the pet or people section. Then select the "Private" button to create and send a private letter to heaven, with love or select the "Post" option to create a memorial/tribute or letter that will be posted on the site.

We hope this site provides such a place where you are comfortable in expressing your feelings of loss, grief and love. We also hope this site offers you a way to stay connected with your departed loved ones, by providing a link instead of a void, and a method of sharing your memories and feelings on-line with family members, friends, or others, if you so desire.

This website has been developed out of a concern for the well-being of others and an understanding of the emotional trauma and grief that is experienced when we lose a loved one, whether this be the loss of a special person or a special pet, and whether the loss is due to natural causes, an accident, man-created causes, or a loss due to a breakup such as through divorce.

It is often very difficult to express our deepest thoughts, fears and emotions, although we know our feelings need expression so that we can move forward toward healing. Often we just need a safe place where we can express our feelings, to say what needs to be said without judgement, where we can put our fears and tears to rest, and take a positive step toward personal healing and acceptance.

We hope to provide you with links to many other sites and resources that can provide assistance in your journey toward positive self-expression and healing.

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